I Will Take The Risk, group show.
I WILL TAKE THE RISK, group show.
I WILL TAKE THE RISK, group show.

I WILL TAKE THE RISK . Group Exhibition
Project by Carolina Trigueiros, Tomaz Hipólito

Adriana Proganó, Alice dos Reis, Ana Rostron, Bárbara Bulhão, Beatriz Coelho, Carolina Serrano, Diogo Bolota, Diogo da Cruz, Eduardo Fonseca + Francisca Valador, Fábio Colaço, Francisca Aires Mateus, Francisco Barahona, Hugo Bernardo, Inês Brites, João Pedro Fonseca, João Pedro Trindade, João Viotti, José Taborda, Luísa Abreu, Maciel Santos,  Manuel Tainha, Mónica Coelho, Rodrigo Gomes, Rodrigo Rosa, Rui Castanho, Rui Gueifão, Vítor Israel, Xavier Ovídio.


I WILL TAKE THE RISK gathers young portuguese artists (mainly born in the 90s) and aims to rethink our present condition: no warranties, no bail. Far from the main protagonists. In the act of taking action and thinking about the paradoxes of our quotidian life, and also our context and artistic circuit. A proposal with no ties to the market logic, bringing to life the necessary conditions for the contamination and proliferation.

In the present collective exhibition, the risk can be seen as the catalyst for change and reflection. With this we assume the failure, the flaw, the unknown. The hybrid. More: there is room for the unknown, for what we don’t feel comfortable with. So much as our studio, the place for intervention, linked to risk and experimentation. More than that, it’s a motto for new beginnings and visions.  Despite being a project set in a time frame, we have the wish to make it happen in the long term.

We open our doors to new facets, new faces, new leads for a possible future analysis of the thinking mind. More than authors, we present works that help settle a “now”, a generation mingled with their transformations and fears. What influences pervade these artists, both stylistic and cultural? What are their worries and concerns?

Naturally, the linking aspects that bind them together are not circonscrit to their works, reflecting also the studio life- the appropriation of the space, the working environment. This is one factor to be taken into account, an artist in the space of other artist, in a melting pot of contexts, works, authors, where the public can relate in a free and diverse way, therefore risky. A construction of thought for and from unique objects takes place.


But there is more, to think of this generation (or others) is to remember these last few years. Years in which we thought technology, internet, social networks or the democratization of  information would contribute to a “brave new world”. This might have happened, but not without leaving it’s fair amount of failed expectations behind. How can we translate this into knowledge? In one hand we have technology, but we cannot design the necessary structures, political and economical, in which to use it in the best way possible. We have more information than ever, but that is no synonym for perfection. There are new opportunities, but also new uncertainties. Fake news proliferates alongside the true ones.

Some say we live in a sad, dangerous world, the so called uncertain times. Yet, do we have to address this? Surely in silence also lies a choice, but to what extent do we often prefer to accept a vague idea of stability? Living in a world of illusory normality, allowing certain logics to replay. Should we opt for distraction? Distracting ourselves with what doesn’t really matter. It’s hard to break free, as the sound installations present in the exhibition recalls: “You are not strong enough to try, to change your future, for the fear of the unknown”.

This being said,  I will take the risk allows us to take a look. We place the works in relation to dialogue and confront, accepting contradiction, creating gaps for deeper, dissimilar, other perceptions. When we ask new questions, we seek other answers. 

In this aspect lies the greater possibility of opening the way to different reflections. Maybe just in this way we are able to glimpse different narratives for our past, present, and allow new glances for the future. Living with risk may lead to new solutions. Young artists are the future artists and, in this implication, the responsibility is great. Let’s wait and see where this takes us, let’s take the risk.

Carolina Trigueiros

I WILL TAKE THE RISK, group show.